A Big Hero and Scrivener Woes

Today was cool as we took the family to see Big Hero 6. Say what you want about Disney annimation. Trust me I get enough flack at home for being a big fan but some really great things have happened over there since John Lasseter took the helm. I must say that Wreck It Ralph and now Big Hero 6 have been two of my ALL TIME favorite animated movies. It probably helps that I play video games and grew up reading comics but aside from that, these were just really well made.

There are a few plot or sequence issues that I had with the film but all in all, I laughed, I cried, I cheered. I would highly recommend it and will probably end up seeing it agin before its all done with.

After the movie and some Dad errands, I sat down to pound out my 1,600 words for today. I am writing a slower scene and the words were coming out in spurts rather than flowing like water. I got to 900 words and got ready to start a new scene.

Now, before I go on, I want everyone to understand that I am fully responsible for my bone head decisions and in no way blame Scrivener for my woes.

Long story short, I was using the CUT option instead of the COPY option and I ended up losing all 900 words I had written. I screamed and pounded and then I decided that $#!+ happens and decided to just rewrite the scene. I have gotten 600 of the words back but am now at the point that my eyes burn so I will have to make up the 1,000 words I’m short tomorrow.

here’s to the life of a writer. Go Team!

Welcome to my brain. . . Sorry for the mess!

Actually I’m not. . .but starting off a new blog by saying “Welcome to my brain. . . Now go home” didn’t sound very inviting.

So hello blog-o-sphere, I thought I would start a new blog to go along with my writing since my profession is photography and everyone keeps telling me “you’ve got to keep ’em separated”.

This year I am doing the NaNoWriMo challenge. I’ve been apart of NaNoWriMo for about 4 years now but this year is different. Why you ask? Because of a blog post by Chuck Wendig entitled SHUT UP AND WRITE (OR: “I REALLY WANT TO BE A WRITER, BUT…”) from October 15. Ok, maybe not only because of this blog post but it helped – a lot!

There are some other major factors this year too, the biggest is that I left the IT field after 18 years and am following my passion of photography. This has been the most liberating few months for me as it has been the first time in 18 years that I really haven’t worried if someone was going to call in the middle of the night, during dinner, or even a movie that I’m at with my kids.

I can finally enter that scary space where the rantings and ravings of my characters exist and stay there. So I started to write just before the monthly challenge and was able to put some words down. THEY SUCKED!! They all sucked. At least that’s what it felt like to me. Enter Chuck.

I read that blog post and laughed – hard. It was super sarcastic but super on point. I also heard a podcast of Writing Excuses that has one of my favorite authors(Brandon Sanderson). They were both saying the same thing… one was just less sarcastic…. Writers just write. So I allowed myself to write the crappy words, cliche phrases and start NaNoWriMo for a fourth year with the same book idea.

The difference this year??? Yep, I’m writing. Some days it’s easier than others but as of 11-7 I am at 12,316 words!! WOOT!!

What’s better is that the characters are finally starting to open up to me and show me their true identities, I’ve plotted most of the novel at a high level, and at the end of the day, even my wife says that it doesn’t all suck!!

So here’s to another 1,667 words tomorrow…. Er today!