Comikaze 2015

Today was Halloween. However, as like most years, we don’t have any kids with us that are interested in costumes or candy. Last year we spent the weekend at Comikaze. This year I didn’t think we were going to go so I was really excited hear from my wife that she bought us tickets for Saturday (today). One difference this year is that the convention has grown in popularity. The only real complaint was that the parking downtown is stupid. Two of the big parking lots right across from the convention center are both under construction and everything for the convention was full. There was also a King’s game so of course all parking lots within a four block radius was $50. Luckily my wife is smarter than I am and suggested that I park a ways away and take an Uber to the convention. I paid $8 for parking and two $5 Uber rides. The best part – minimal stress at trying to get into something within walking distance.

I decided not to bring the camera this year because I just wanted to enjoy what was offered and not spend the whole time just taking cosplay pictures. I am glad I did though there were some amazing costumes I would have liked to photograph.

I spent the whole time in the Hall and talked with a bunch of independent artists, writers, and publishers. I spent too much $$$ too 🙂 but at least it all went to supporting artists so I’m ok with that. I wanted to give some shoutouts to some of my favorite that I talked with.

The first thing we did was go check out our daughter’s booths/tables. Both Kirsten and Halie and a couple of their friends got tables to sell their wares. Buttons and stickers, and prints – oh my! If you get a chance you should go check out their work.


The first table that caused me to get my wallet out was artist Richard Garcia. I stopped because he had some awesome pictures of super heroes as Chibis. I asked him if he had Nightwing which he did but then he said . . . but I also have a more traditional one too. SOLD!!! My favorite comic character of all time. Richard Garcia @artbyrichard is a great artist check him out online.

HEX11 Issue 1

I then picked up the set of 6 issues of Helix 11. I’ve only read the 1st issue but it was a great one and I’m already clamoring to see what comes next. Definitely worth heading over to their site and supporting them.  I mean, look at that cover image? Don’t you just want to see what happens? You can even get them on ComiXology – Hex11.  Thanks Lisa, Kelly, & Lynly for signing the books for me. @HexComix #HexComix

Praetorians #1

I also picked up New Praetorians #1. This looks to be a very exciting series also. The first issue felt more like a graphic novel than just a single comic book. The hardest part about reading indie comics is waiting for the next issue. Satine Phoenix has an incredible love for everything Sci-Fi. @newpraetorians @satinephoenix @rksyrus #newpraetorians

Dragonics & Runics

I also got to meet A. Wrighton. She has an awesome series called Dragonics & Runics.

I picked up her book last her at Comikaze but didn’t get a chance to meet her. I picked up the rest of her series this year and she signed them for me. If you like fantasy, you should pick this one up.

It was a rather fun Con though I didn’t get into any panels. Talking with all of the amazing talent out there was more than enough. Until next year . . .

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