Medieval musings and more Scrivener frustration

First of all, my NaNoWriMo word count stands at 15,651 – WooHoo I’m still on track.

Today we took our family to Medieval Times for our daughters birthday. It was fun to see some of the things in action (even if choreographed) that I try to put on paper. Since I’m primarily a fantasy junkie (thanks to Weiss & Hickman, Salvatore, Jordan & Sanderson to name a few), I have written plenty a sword fight. I think one good thing to remember is how tired that makes someone. *note to self*

All in all it was a great time and our knight was the kingdom champion!! Go Ulrich Von I Can’t Remember Your Name – Red & Yellow knight!

When we got home, one of my boys was using my laptop to play League of Legends with the others (we farm a full team plus in our house) and since I had already hit my word count today (I know right? Surprised me too) I decided I would let him play and write in the morning. The good thing is, I am excited to write. I am looking forward to it instead of getting that debilitating “I’m not a writer” sick feeling in the gut.

Anyway, that brings me to my blog title… So I’m laying in bed and I think of a great point that I want to put in the novel. Only my laptop isn’t with me. I am 100% an Apple junkie. I am typing this blog post on my iPhone 6+ in fact. I love how their stuff just syncs. That being said, I really really really wish that Scrivener would finish their IOS app so I could access my novel from my phone any time any where! There aren’t many apps I’d be willing to pay top dollar for, but this is definitely one of them.

I was even going to look at switching writing programs because I found one that is very similar to Scrivener and has a companion IOS app but then I saw a post from Scrivener’s Blog that was VERY promising and because I do love their app so much, I’m going to be patient a little while longer 😀

PS – please hurry
PPS – yes our family took the whole row – that’s all 7 kids in that picture!


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